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Adhesive materials dor many applications like clear white glue dor wood (mdf) ,(hdf) cardboard ,paper ,formica , parquet ,muffled ,feft fiber,sponge ,artificial leather , piper , hotpressed .


Copolymer :

Adhesive mater ials ( pohymerization admore tham one species ad momomers is called copolymer ) such a polymeri sation reaction is called copolymeri sation copolymers are addifferent types and different proeosser adpolymeri sation butadiene styrene copolymer nitrile rubber ,styrene isoprene.


Styrene acrylic :

Adhesive materials used primarily in industrial additives to adhesives, binders ,comcrete mix tures , coating mix tures, salt stability, water resistance.


Polyester resin :

Unsaturated polyesters are condensation polymers formed by the  readtion polyhydric alcohols, organic compounds with multiple alcohol or hydroxyl functional grups with un saturated dibasic asids .

Used in glass fiber , molding , spray up molding flatroofs , pipes , storage tanks , marine aero space and automotive industries.

Building materials:

Concrete admixture we produce all types of admixture A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H AND GROUTS  ,WATERPROOF , ADHESIVES , FLOORING SEALANTS

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